Police Called on Pokémon Players


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A Pokémon cake delivered for accidentally calling the police. Max Raid battles rotate again with popular VGC Pokémon. Niantic really pushing major updates and events for May in Pokémon GO. Rebel Clash, the latest Pokémon TCG set, has arrived. Pokémon Masters gets Ho-Oh and Silver update.

00:00:25 - Introduction
00:02:40 - Police Called for Pokémon GO
00:05:15 - Remote Raids, May Events
00:23:20 - Break Music
00:25:20 - Unova Coming to Pokémon TV
00:27:10 - Pokémon Masters Update
00:32:30 - Rebel Clash, Pokémon TCG
00:44:00 - Max Raid Update
00:47:00 - Question of the Week
00:52:00 - Pokémon of the Week
00:58:40 - Post Credits

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