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Cybersecurity has become too technology-focused. Not only is the field becoming needlessly complicated to those who need to understand these issues most—developers, managers, executives—but the focus on technology-driven solutions is forcing us to miss some of the basics of a sound cybersecurity strategy.

Most people simply do not understand cybersecurity and, therefore, its need and value. However, if we keep pointing fingers and can't explain in simple terms what we do as cybersecurity professionals and why it is essential to the business and our customers/partners, no leadership team will be willing to allocate the funds and resources necessary to tackle the growing security threats they face.

So... what are we going to do about this? First, we're going to break down what it means to be cyber secure, looking at it from the perspective of those that need to know but that do not need to be experts in the field — "just" understand the basics.

The book that Thomas Kranz wrote: Making Sense of Cyber Security, talks about this, and much more.

About The Book
'Making Sense of Cyber Security' is a no-nonsense overview of common cyber threats. Written for readers at all skill levels, this easy-to-read guide breaks down the core ideas and terminology of cybersecurity so that you can effectively contribute to the planning and implementation of a security strategy. You'll learn the three pillars of a successful security strategy and how to create and apply threat models that will iteratively improve your organization's readiness.


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