The Secret to Being Your Own Boss! (with Jaclyn Johnson)


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Do you dream about owning your own business? Robin dials in with Jaclyn Johnson, the CEO of Create & Cultivate, to discuss how to make the leap! Jaclyn has made a business out of helping strong, determined women realize their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs, and she's giving the Secret Squad a private session! Learn how to choose your mentors, build your team, scale your idea, and take calculated risks. Don't even know where to start? Start here! Robin talks about why she doesn't believe in an "overnight success," and how exactly she's been able to build the career she dreamed of as a young girl. Jaclyn doesn't think that everyone can become an entrepreneur, and you NEED to hear why! This episode is jam-packed full of valuable information that will inspire and educate you on the process of becoming your own boss. As always, stay until the end for a fun game! Mor info at


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