The Secret to Staying Active at Home! (Ep 2- Simone de la Rue)


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Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Reese Witherspoon all turn to fitness mogul Simone de la Rue (of Body By Simone) for her fitness secrets... and now she's spilling them to the Secret Squad! Robin chats with Simone about the benefits of dance-for-fitness, and how it can change both your physique and your mind. Simone gives detailed instructions on how to replicate group fitness at home, how to get in a sweat with minimal space, and how to squeeze in your workouts even with a slammed schedule! Robin talks about "The Quarantine Quit," and how she's changing her outlook on staying active during this time of self-quarantine! Stay until the end for a game that will make you very happy :) It's time to get moving, Secret Squad! More info at


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