Pour One Out for NA - Worlds 2019 Group Stage (Part 2)


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All three of us are in the studio this week to pour one out for the NA teams who have been knocked out of this year's World Championship. Scott, Jerry, and Zach discuss some of the things NA can do to be more competitive, and then explore various thoughts and topics about League in general. We wrap up by reviewing our Group Stage picks and giving our predictions for how the remainder of the competition will play out. We're looking forward to diving into some best-of-five series as we head into the League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals! Send questions, comments, and corrections to questions@jabberlabpodcast.com. Follow us: Twitter: twitter.com/worldsfriendsjl, twitter.com/jabberlab Instagram: www.instagram.com/jabberlab/ Website: www.jabberlabpodcast.com Hosts: Jeremiah Jekich, Scott Peddie, Zach Tornabene Edited by Jeremiah Jekich

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