S2E5: Breakage - Breaking Badurdays 12


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(SPOILERS for BREAKING BAD through S2E5) Jesse's back on top this week, taking care of business; Walt continues to be a bit of a jerk, though also kind of correct; a promotion for Hank triggers some anxiety following his interaction with Tuco; Skyler and Marie make amends. Join us for Season 2, Episode 5 of Breaking Bad! Send questions, comments, and corrections to questions@jabberlabpodcast.com. Follow us: Twitter: twitter.com/breakbadurdays, twitter.com/jabberlab Instagram: www.instagram.com/jabberlab/ Website: www.jabberlabpodcast.com Hosts: Jeremiah Jekich, Scott Peddie Edited by Jeremiah Jekich Music by Grant Bell

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