MNS - From 5 units and a small business to 181 units full time in real estate in 3 years


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Topics Covered Include:

  • How and why Doug was able to leave a 20 year career into Aerospace Engineering to become a business owner
  • How short term discipline of putting your money into an assets vs a liability can yield big results
  • How Dough & Jill run their business as husband and wife

Peter’s Bio:

Doug and Jill Reddell are multifamily investors with a rental portfolio of 181 units in Nevada and Oregon. Their properties range in size from 2 units to a 117-unit property bought with a co-owner.

They live with their two young boys in Reno, Nevada. Doug was an Aerospace Engineer in Los Angeles for more than two decades until 2015, when he shifted into self employment with an investment into a small business. And Jill worked for the University of California Los Angeles where she helped to form a major research initiative called UCLA Grand Challenges.

The Reddells’ entry into full time multifamily investing began in Southern California in 2017 with

one four-plex in Redondo Beach, one condo in Palm Desert, and one call to Jake & Gino.

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