Georgia on My Mind


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In this sad, dark year, The Flood has been graced with a bright light in the person of Vanessa Coffman. The 19-year-old saxophonist we call Veezy started sitting in with us back in January, hardly missing a weekly jam session right up until mid-March, when, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down. It’s only now that we’re starting to get back to something like our regular rehearsals, and Veezy’s right there in the mix making it happen. You know, The Flood has always an affinity for songs that are older than we are — which in our case is saying something! — but to make that work, you really got to pay attention, to listen closely to each other so you can find new ideas in all those great old classic lines. Well, Vanessa is teaching us that sometimes the wisest ears in the room are the youngest. Here from last night is last tune of the session — “Georgia on My Mind” — and just listen to everybody listening.

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