Hey, Daisy


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In these times of COVID, when we can get together for a rare rehearsal, we can’t meet in our traditional practice space at the Bowen house. Instead, masked, hand-washed and socially distanced, we gather after hours in the big room at Route 60 Music Co., which our bass player, the store’s co-owner Paul Callicoat, has so graciously opened to us. Now, one of the perks of practicing at Route 60 — besides seeing all those gorgeous guitars hanging on the walls for sale … oo oo, hey, think about this: Christmas is coming, and you can show the pickers in your family some serious love with a guitar or two from Route 60! … anyway, one of the OTHER perks of being at Route 60 is being greeted by Daisy, the West Virginia brown dog who rules that domain with a gentle paw. Daisy always seems happy to see us, but last night was even better than usual. When Sam, Paul, Michelle and Charlie launched in to the first tune, our take of Bruce Channel’s “Hey, Baby,” Daisy came running to us with her tail a-wagging. At first we figured she just misheard us and thought we were calling her name. Now, though, upon reflection we realize that she was telling us it’s high time we repurposed that tune. From now on we’ll be doing it as, “Hey, Hey, Daisy”!

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