If You Lose Your Money


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Doug Chaffin is the guy you want by your side if you’re setting out to the have a good time. He’s the perfect example of a good musician. For instance, if there’s a whole bunch of pickers in the room, Doug knows how to play well with others. He’ll step up to play a memorable solo when it’s his turn, then step back again to share the moment, playing sweet riffs and fills to support and amplify other players’ ideas. On the other hand, when just a few come together to play — like last night with Danny Gillum and Charlie Bowen — Doug will be your solo-playing machine! Now, The Flood has been doing this old Sonny Terry-Brownie McGhee song for, well, a hundred years or so, but Doug always takes it on like it’s brand new. In fact, on this track, we come to Doug five times for solos and each time he’s got something different say. Shoot, Doug had more ideas, but we just ran out of song!

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