Ep. 42 - Research Translation Expert Dr. Richard Huysmans


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Ep. 42 - Research Translation Expert Dr. Richard Huysmans

Are you...

  • An academic
  • A researcher
  • Working in a University
  • Working for a Research Institute and looking to increase your opportunities with Industry?

The process of accessing research opportunities continues to evolve and change and whilst there are still plenty of opportunities, often one of the most overlooked ways of doing that is accessing LinkedIn.

In this episode we chat with Dr. Richard Huysmans, an expert in research translation and the work he's doing with researchers and academics in universities and research institutes to access opportunities building their personal brand and leveraging LinkedIn to open doors for those opportunities.

As a research strategist, Dr. Richard Huysmans is an expert in helping researchers get the best out of their training, their research and their career. He is focused on research translation and together with Jane Anderson, is the only consultant training researchers How to make their LinkedIn profile (research) translation ready, for greater research impact and industry engagement.

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