149. Mark Haldeman Interview: Establish the Best Clients and Determine the Best Brokerage


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Today, I'm talking to Mark Haldeman of Christie's in Aspen, Colorado. In business for 26 years, Mark consistently ranks in the top 5% of all brokers for sales and Aspen area. Recently in his career, on two separate occasions, he has represented the sellers of the highest-priced single-family home sale in Aspen. The second of those was the closing of the Aspen summit house for 29.5 million in 2015. The first of those was in 2011, he brokered both sides, the listing and selling side of a 20.75 million Aspen estate. Today we talk about how to establish the best clients and determine the best brokerage.

  • How Mark Got into the Business (02:42)
  • Highest Price Single Family Home Sale in the State of Colorado (03:48)
  • How did He Break into the Industry (05:58)
  • The Story of His First Deal (08:07)
  • Mark's Advice on Marketing (09:18)
  • How does He Negotiate When Things Get Heated (14:48)
  • Recruiting a Broker: Important or not (18:46)
  • The Direction of the Business of Mark's Broker (23:39)
  • Best Advice to Make Decision (30:57)
  • Brokers: First Thing You Should Think About (33:42)
  • The Last Three (36:17)

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"I think the basic principles in real estate stay true to your beliefs, stay true to yourself."

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