162. Nancy Tassone Interview : How to Hone Your Strengths, Let Go of Your Weaknesses and be the Top Agent in Your Market


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Today I'm talking to Nancy Tassone, Jamison Sotheby's International Realty in Chicago. 19 years into the business, she has almost 1 billion in close sales and has been named Chicago Association of Realtors top producer every year since 2005. Most recently, she has been named the number one agent in the city. Nancy began her career with JDL brokerage as a Founder and Managing broker where she was responsible for sellouts totaling over 500 million. Prior to real estate, Nancy had a successful career in advertising and marketing with Accenture, the renowned global consulting company. She and I talked about how to hone your strengths, Let go of your weaknesses and be the top agent in your market.
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