Fri, Jan 24, Hour 1: Moms 4 Housing Wins Battle Against "Giants"


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The experts are… hola si! Peggy from Texas thinks she is stuck blaming her husband. She knows Jesse talks about how the woman is evil but she describes how her husband used her and turned people against her. They were drug users when they got married. Her life is a mess, JLP says, but as soon as you can see it and admit it, it all starts to change! Emery from Calgary, Canada doesn't believe in God but loves JLP show. He wants Jesse's take on it since he is feeling more open to a belief in God. He grew up Christian and was baptized but he only went because his parents made him go. --- JLP rebuilding men and helping them buy homes! Back to Emery… and Jesse responds to his lack of faith. The fact that he knows he doesn't believe is the first step. You're going to be fine Emery!

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