The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 4: "Changed by Truth"


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When Jesus calls us to follow him, he intends for us to change and grow as we walk with him. Throughout the gospels, Jesus makes it clear that this will be a difficult process, but that it's exactly what we need. Let’s purpose to answer love’s invitation to change, by embracing truth and learning to co-operate with the growth and change we all need! Discussion Questions: 1) Why is changing so costly? If it’s so costly, then why does Jesus call us to such radical change? Is it worth it, and if so how can we find the motivation to follow through on what he’s calling us to? 2) What are some common excuses people use to avoid changing? (See sermon for examples: What about this? What about them?) Do you struggle with any of these? Can you give an example from your life? 3) How can we co-operate with the change Jesus is calling us into? What part of our growth and change is done by Him? What’s our part in the process of change? 4) Why does God call us to participate in community with humility to help us grow? Is growing in community really that important or can we just change on our own? What are the obstacles that can keep us from real relationship with each other? 5) Can you give an example of how relationships have helped you change? Why is humility such an important part of this process?

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