Mercy for Your Mistakes: Jana Kramer & Mike Caussin and Margaret Feinberg


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We are human, which means we will make mistakes and never reach a standard of perfection. But we live in a world that constantly whispers, You can never come back from this mistake, or, You’ll never be good enough—but God’s grace and mercy say otherwise. Actor and singer Jana Kramer and her husband, NFL alum Mike Caussin, faced their own share of uphill battles in their young marriage. Facing her husband’s infidelity and addiction publicly, Jana had a choice to make: walk away, or work through it together. Jana and Mike chose to fight for their marriage, and now they’ve filled their toolbox with skills that they put into practice every single day, reminding us in their new book The Good Fight that while relationships are hard work, they’re worth it. Author Margaret Feinberg felt herself begin to believe lies that whispered, You’re a has-been, and, You’re a failure. Her overthinking began a negative thought spiral, so she began a practice of declaring God’s truths over her life daily, leading her to see her worth through His eyes and writing a book to encourage others called More Power to You. We serve a God of mercy, love, and healing. And though we may not live the picture-perfect life we want, He can redeem any mistakes we make so we can show the power He gives broken people.

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Interview Quotes:

“I'm constantly praying for our family. I want us to stay together. I'm praying for his recovery. I'm praying for our recovery. I just hope that we always choose to stay in it. And so I just pray that we're always strong enough to continue to grow.” - Jana Kramer

“When we finally started praying out loud together, I'm doing my stuff spiritually, she's doing her stuff spiritually, then we started to see where we allowed Him in and we could feel that vulnerability in the room.” - Mike Caussin

“Owning your side of the street, it's controlling what you can control. And as much as we find us trying to convince each other to see things our way, to convince each other to have our opinion or our outlook or believe our truth, we can't control someone else's thoughts or feelings. Control what you can control.” - Mike Caussin

“Where we're at now is just remembering all the things that we've learned and how to continue to keep using our tools and to continue to grow. We have the tool box filled with stuff, we continue to go to therapy. We continue to learn. And so I just pray that we're always strong enough to continue to grow.” - Jana Kramer

”We have a lifetime full of tools in our tool box. And we just need to use them, because we've learned them for a reason. They have helped us. They've helped us get this far. And so for the next five years and so on, we need to continue to implement them because that'll help us avoid some of these moments of disconnect.” - Mike Caussin

“God ultimately has control over the situation and we need to give Him more power.” - Mike Caussin

“What's incredible is God has given us the ability to literally renew our mind through the power of the Holy Spirit and scripture, and we can begin doing it today.” - Margaret Feinberg

“I began just carving out ninety seconds a day or so, just to begin declaring these and to declare them out loud. And they’re declarations like this: ‘Jesus is king of my life. I am who Christ says I am.’” - Margaret Feinberg

“There is something that happens when we begin declaring the truth of who we are and who were called to be.” - Margaret Feinberg

“When those lies start to enter in and try to tell us these things that just simply aren't true, we rise up with the truth embedded in us about our beauty, about the way that we're made, about how God is and the power of God guarding our thoughts.” - Margaret Feinberg

“Joy is the weapon that we use to fight life's battles.” - Margaret Feinberg


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