#11 - Carice Witte talks about China's role on the world stage and Israel-China relations


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These days, China appears in the headlines A LOT! Whether in regard to its growing influence in international relations, competition with the United States, 5G and information technology rivalries with the West, or, of course, the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s impossible not to notice the incredible prowess and impact of the world’s most populous nation and second-largest economy.

That's why we decided to meet with one of the top China experts around – Carice Witte, Founder and Executive Director of SIGNAL (Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership) - for a deep-dive into... well... everything China.

We talked about China’s rich history, cultural identity, and international affairs, as well as China’s worldview and efforts to reshape the international order, the evolution and growth of China-Israel relations (of which Carice played a key role in fostering), and how the Chinese feel about Israelis and Jews.

Carice Witte is the Founder and Executive Director of SIGNAL (Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership), an Israeli policy organization that specializes on China-Israel relations. Ms. Witte initiated Chinese-Israeli Track-II exchanges in 2011. Having led over 1,000 briefings in China and Israel, she established a semi-annual China-Israel and annual China-Israel-U.S. Track-II dialogue in 2017.

In 2011, Ms. Witte initiated the founding of Israel Studies Programs (ISPs) at universities across China, including an annual program held in Israel for Chinese faculty on teaching Israel Studies.

An expert on China and China-Israel relations, Ms. Witte is a leading contributor to defining this field of policy research in Israel. Ms. Witte has authored articles, research and policy analysis papers on Sino-Israel relations, trade policy, strategic communications, and global Jewry. Her research focuses on Israel’s perspective on Xi Jinping Thought and its potential implications for the Middle East, Israel and the BRI, China in the Middle East, and China’s foreign policy.


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  • Carice's most recent article in Calcalist, Israel's leading source of economic news.

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