#21 - Saar Wilf, Israeli serial entrepreneur & angel investor


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Join us for a thought-provoking conversation with serial entrepreneur and investor Saar Wilf.

Saar Wilf is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Over his career, he has founded several technology ventures, his first back in 1997. Most notably, he founded Fraud Sciences (acquired by PayPal/eBay for $169m), where he served as CEO and Chief Scientist. He also co-founded ClarityRay (acquired by Yahoo), Trivnet (acquired by Gemalto for $35m), Pointgrab, Deep Optics, Creditstacks, Bzigo, Rootclaim, Immersix, Initiative Q, and wikiwand.com, which serves over 10M users monthly. He was the first investor in Moon Active, Supersonic (merged with Iron Source), Crosswise (acquired by Oracle), Redhill Biopharma, and CallApp. His areas of technical specialty include finance, probability, Bayesian inference, signal processing, machine learning, optics, and computer vision.

Mr. Wilf also funded the Brain Preservation Prize, which sparked the first technique that aims to completely preserve an entire human brain for long-term storage.

Together with Saar, we engaged in a fascinating and at times sci-fi-like deep dive into the following topics:

· Vitamin D & Zinc as therapeutics for Covid-19

· Rootclaim – a company co-founded by Saar that uses probability theories to find truth outcomes and weeds out natural biases, providing clarity and aiming light on truth in today’s era of misinformation, deep fakes, and fake news

· SCOOP: Rootclaim’s determination regarding the source of Covid-19

· Bzigo – a company co-founded by Saar that provides an innovative product that acts as a personal ‘Iron Dome’ against mosquitos for your home

· Saar’s vision for the future

· The Brain Preservation Foundation – a unique process to cryogenically freeze the human brain intact to preserve memories and personality traits in the hope that in the future, they can be uploaded to a computer or other technologically advanced device

· Human longevity as a solvable problem

· The efficiency disparity between leadership in Israel’s business & hi-tech ecosystem vs. its public sector & government


Saar Wilf on Twitter @saarwilf

Saar Wilf’s profile on Startupnationcentral.org

Rootclaim.com - Calculating Reality

Bzigo – Autonomous devices for a pest-free life

The Brain Preservation Foundation website

Deep Optics – developing Omnifocals, the first ever dynamic focal eyeglasses.

Life Extension – Enhanced Zinc Lozenges

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