#10 - Chazzan (Cantor) Daniel Schwartz takes a deep dive into the institution of the cantorial arts in the Ashkenazi tradition


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With the High Holidays right around the corner, Jewanced is happy to help get everyone in the spirit with a special holiday episode with Chazzan Daniel Schwartz.

Together with Schwartz, Dan and Benny totally geek out and take a deep dive into the rich world of traditional Ashkenazic Chazzanut (the institution of the Cantorate). We learn about the amazing tapestry of history behind this art form that dates back millennia, possibly to the time of the 2nd Temple. Daniel guides us on an incredible journey through its origins, progression through Western & Eastern Europe to America, Israel and beyond, as well as introduces us to the world of nusach tefilah & some of the great Chazzanim of the 20th century (Leib Glantz & Jacob Barkin…need I say more?!). We invite you to join us and go behind the scenes as we try to capture the essence of a true craft that helps guide us through prayer and that, at times, leads us to tantalizingly touch the most nostalgic emotions of our youth.


· Cantor Daniel Schwartz singing Tal by Israel Alter

· Cantor Daniel Schwartz with the Anim Zemirot Choir- Kahn's Kedusha

· Cantor Daniel Schwartz – Hashir Shehalviim

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