#290 In-Season Training Advice for Athletes & Elbow-Friendly Arm Training for Meatheads!


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Joe kicks off this week's show by explaining how/why he almost canceled today's episode! He then answers 2 questions on the following topics: #1) In-Season Training Advice for Athletes [including goals, common mistakes, exercise selection & sample templates] #2) Elbow-Friendly Arm Training Advice for Meatheads [including Joes' favorite joint-friendly bicep & tricep exercises, a forearm training "trick" that works like magic & more!] *For Show Notes, Timestamps & Important Links from this episode goto: www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com *To purchase DeFranco's Nutritional Supplements goto: www.DeFrancosNutrition.com *To become a Certified Football Preparation Specialist goto: www.CPPSacademy.com/football

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