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This week we analyze podcast 1383 Malcolm Gladwell, 1385 Paul Stamets and 1386 Matt Taibbi.

Malcolm is the author of Outliers and other interesting works. He discusses A police incident during a traffic stop and the Bernie Madoff crimes.

Check out his website for books: https://www.gladwellbooks.com/

Paul the mushroom man discusses the changes in public perception of psilocybin and the benefits of micro-dosing. Just be careful with mushroom hats as they are flammable lol

New micro-dosing app: https://www.microdosestudy.com/

Also his website for suppliments: https://fungi.com/


Matt Taibbi is a journalistics genius. Any man that has Hunter S. Thompsons old job must be a bad mother fucker. He has some great thoughts on the Epstein conspiracy.

Check him out: https://www.rollingstone.com/results/#?q=matt%20taibbi

Enjoy folks!

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