Becky Hollis | Do You Have a Post-Retirement Plan?


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It started with a segment on a TV show many years ago… and Becky Hollis was hooked. Since then she’s been crazy about bears. Yes, those furry woodland creatures. What does that have to do with retirement? Well, in your Golden Years you’re not working – so what do you do instead? If you don’t have a good answer – an activity you truly enjoy – you’ll be worse than bored… it can actually negatively impact your mental and physical well-being. Becky has found fulfillment working with bear programs in Minnesota that help keep them in harmony with the human world. She gives us all the details of her work, as well as…
  • Foods bears actually eat – and what they won’t touch
  • The rejuvenating power of being in nature
  • The unexpected benefits of following your passion in life
  • What to do if you don’t have any “hobbies”
  • Where to go and what to do if you want to learn more about bears and enjoy their company in person

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