Clearing Up Medicare Misinformation


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Like any government program, especially one involving millions of people, Medicare is complicated. What’s covered? What will it cost? When should you sign up? Which “part” should you join? Where can you seek medical care? Those are just some of the questions those reaching eligibility age are asking. And the thing is, the answers are different for each individual. But there are some guidelines to consider as you make your decisions.
The biggest thing to remember: Medicare does not cover everything… including some services that are super-important as we get older. But there are ways to prepare for those expenses.
We talk about that, as well as...
  • The best plan(s) for those planning on international travel
  • Why it’s often a good idea to get a supplemental plan
  • The four parts of Medicare – and what each one covers
  • Medicare Advantage plans versus “Original” Medicare
  • And more

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