Dominic Calabro | Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?


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As its president, Dominic Calabro, puts it, Florida Tax Watch has been the watchdog for the state’s taxpayers for the last 40 years. A lot has happened in that time, including the transformation of Florida into one of the most important states in the union. That’s why, says Dominic, it’s more important than ever for public officials to be held accountable… to have an organization watching them closely to make sure they’re good stewards of public money – while not playing partisan politics. We talk about how Tax Watch has helped save billions and how that will impact Florida’s future for its government, businesses, and everyday citizens. We also dig in to…
  • The ways they take legislators to the task – and recognize exemplary government employees
  • How they’re spurring positive change in schools
  • The most important issues they’re involved in today – and what’s on their radar
  • Why they’re encouraging Everglades restoration
  • And more

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