Elizabeth Gladden | Staying Busy In Retirement


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In today’s episode, we chat with retired teacher Elizabeth Gladden. After grieving the death of her husband, Elizabeth was inspired to go back to teaching as she craved the normalcy and routine of going back to school.
“There were some days when you think ‘I just can’t face the world.’ And I think that’s perfectly normal to have days like that,’” says Elizabeth while remembering what it was like in the months after her husband’s death while she was trying to get back to living her life.
Nevertheless, she persisted and is now able to chat with us about how to handle a grieving family member or friend, what retirement was like for her as a teacher, as well as…
  • The importance of keeping a structure
  • How keeping busy allows you to experience everything retirement has to offer
  • How she was able to securely retire
  • The 4 freedoms of retirement
  • And more

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