Ron Insana | The Two Most Important Elements of Financial Planning


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As a senior analyst with CNBC and pioneering financial journalist, Ron Insana has seen a lot of ups and downs in the markets and how that impacts the average investor. And over the years he’s identified some key factors that separates those who do well… and those who fall behind.
Ron shares the two most important things you must be doing right now to invest in your future. And he has some specific advice for what to do when you have a “winner” in your portfolio – it might not be what you think.
We also talk about…
  • How to overcome the Main Street versus Wall Street divide
  • The one thing that could most affect your investments in the coming year
  • Why “balance” is so important in your financial planning
  • The impact – good and bad – of today’s 24-hour news cycle
  • And more
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