Bill Kepper | Paying for Healthcare in Retirement


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You can have all the money in the world in retirement. But if you don’t have your health… well, you really can’t enjoy it. Part of that, says Bill Kepper, a physician for 40+ years, is being a good patient throughout your life, following doctor’s orders.
But as important is making sure you can get the medications, procedures, and other things you need as you get older… while you’re depending on your retirement income and retirement accounts to pay for it.
Bill shares his thoughts on the healthcare system and how to best take care of yourself.
Listen in to discover:
  • Habits you can adopt now for better long-term health
  • The importance of staying active – physically and mentally
  • Fitness and nutrition habits anybody can adopt
  • Tips for adjusting to more time at home in retirement
  • And more
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