Dr. Nancy Van Vessem | Following Doctor’s Orders in More Ways Than One


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As the Chief Medical Officer at a nonprofit organization and long-time internal medicine specialist, Dr. Nancy Van Vessem is in prime position to see how certain habits can severely impact a person’s long-term health.
She’s also seen the way healthcare issues are impacting everyday people.
One of the major concerns is rising costs. In our chat, we highlighted strategies to account for that, especially in retirement. We also spoke about the importance of discussing end of life care with your family – so your wishes are followed.
Tune in now to discover…
  • Things you can do now to live a long and healthy life
  • What accounts for 50% of the impact on your health
  • How to tweak your retirement plan to account for increasing lifespans
  • The very real consequences of not listening to your doctor
  • The #1 health risk in the United States – and how to avoid it
  • And more

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