Dr. Larry Kubiak | Secrets of the Happiest Retirees


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It’s tempting to think of retirement only from the financial side of things. Yes, it’s important that you save enough to be comfortable in your golden years.
But, says Dr. Larry Kubiak, you can’t forget the emotional and psychological side. As Director of Psychological Services at Behavioral Health Center Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Larry knows that better than most.
With our identities so wrapped up in our jobs, retirement can bring your whole life crashing down if you’re not careful. And your mental health can suffer.
Retirement can – and should – be your biggest adventure yet! Larry and I talk all about how to make it happen.
Tune in to discover…
  • What you should do now to ensure a fulfilling retirement
  • The best way to react to bad situations
  • A strategy for staying young, no matter what your age
  • How to earn a “psychic income”
  • And more

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