Larry Simmons | The Right Type of Working Vacation


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The average American gets only 10 days of vacation per year. Even worse, a recent study found that 24% didn’t use any of their vacation days, and more than half didn’t use all of their days off.
Larry Simmons is bucking that trend. After 40 years of working an 8 to 5 job this consulting engineer decided to “slack off.”
He and his wife, Carol, travel around the country in their RV when and where they want to. Thanks to the Internet, Larry is able to take his work on the road.
We discuss how to set up a “mobile office,” as well as…
  • The unique community you find in RV parks
  • How to get into national parks for free
  • Ways to try out the RV lifestyle without a huge commitment
  • The best-kept secret in the American West
  • And more

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