John Curry and April Schoen | How Life Changes Impact Your Social Security


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There’s so much misinformation about Social Security (and Medicare) out there. Even worse, people are basing their retirement planning on this misinformation.
John Curry and April Schoen clear the air and get to the heart of the best way to take full advantage of this benefit you’ve been paying into your whole life.
Every situation is different. And you shouldn’t make a move until you look at your complete financial situation. But John and April give you the facts so you can make an informed decision.
Tune in to find out if you qualify for benefits you didn’t realize, as well as…
  • How your Social Security income is taxed
  • How to decipher your confusing Social Security statement
  • What will change in Social Security and what never will
  • Why taking Social Security too early can drastically reduce your benefit
  • And more

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