Terry Lewis | The Emotional Side of Retirement


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Former circuit judge Terry Lewis has embraced retirement. He’s indulging in hobbies and interests, getting involved in the community in unique ways, and even giving back to the next generation of the legal profession.
He feels like staying active and busy is a key to happiness when you’re no longer working. But, he says, don’t feel like you have to wait until retirement to do things that make you happy – he sure didn’t.
And you do have the time too – you just need to find it.
We talk about what he’s up to these days and how it affects his mental and physical well-being, as well as…
  • The power of mentors and a “support group” to help you master a new skill
  • What really happens in small claims court – this isn’t Judge Judy
  • The type of retirement that is a “death sentence”
  • Ways to prepare for retirement you haven’t considered (that have nothing to do with finances)
  • And more

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