John Dunwoody | Aging vs Getting Old


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John Dunwoody returns for a preview of his upcoming boating adventure on the Down East Loop and shares highlights of his eight-month trip on the Great Loop, which traverses some of the country’s most iconic inland waterways. Journeys of this length take some real planning and preparation, and John shares how he gets himself and his boat in shape for long voyages. He also talks about the places he’ll visit on the way… and how he chooses where he docks for the night. These trips are part of his philosophy of doing things you enjoy– now– and staying active. We get into detail on that and other thoughts on happy retirement, as well as…
  • Tips for planning long-term travel (always have a back-up is #1)
  • Places he’ll visit on the way… and why
  • Why aging doesn’t have to mean getting old
  • The #1 element you need to enjoy your retirement
  • And more

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