Moshe Milevsky | An Arms-Length Look at Retirement Planning


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In the retirement planning world, Moshe Milevsky, author, professor at Toronto’s York University, and consultant, is known as someone who takes some stances that go against the grain, to put it mildly.
But it’s not just for the sake of being controversial. He thinks deeply about ways people can live their best lives when they retire. And he says the current system, not to mention conventional wisdom, actually makes it more difficult than it has to be to reach that goal… and he says the problem is getting worse.
We talk about…
  • Why the age on your birth certificate is just a number
  • The dangers of correlated investment
  • Social Security and why it shouldn’t start at 62
  • What should be the real determining factor in whether you buy an annuity
  • And much more

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