Steve Gordon | Retire to Something, Not From Something


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We put John Curry in the hot seat and have business consultant - and longtime friend - Steve Gordon grill him on how attitudes towards retirement are changing and how it could impact your plans.
Most people don’t have a real vision of their retirement, says John. And that can be very dangerous to their physical and mental health.
We unpack what “vision” really means and how you can find fulfillment in your Golden Years – and it’s definitely not just about financial security.
Listen in to find out…
  • The surprising things your retirement planner should be asking you
  • How car insurance affects your retirement planning
  • Why retirement doesn’t have to mean you stop working – and why you’ll love it
  • The difference between money and income
  • How much you can expect to pay for healthcare in retirement – it’s more than you think
  • And more

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