JH114: Homeschooling Multiple Ages with Tiffany Jefferson


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Hey guys! Welcome to the podcast. I remember when I had 2 then 3 kids to homeschool, I worried a lot about teaching multiple ages. It still is a struggle sometimes. I know many of you struggle with that as well. That is why I am super excited to share with you all this interview with Tiffany Jefferson homeschool mom to 10, She will also be with me at the Southeast Homeschool Expo in Atlanta Georgia in just two weeks.

Here are a few of the things we cover in this episode:

  • How do you manage to teach multiple children without feeling spread too thin?
  • What are some easy ways to teach a wide range of ages?
  • At what point do you encourage your older kids to be more independent in their studies?
  • How do you find joy in your homeschool day?

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