A Conversation with the Artist Rita Barakat "the opportunity to connect with others"


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Creative Spotlight: Rita Barakat

⁃ @rita_barakat_artist is one of the brightest people I have ever had the chance to meet, both literally and metaphorically! Her use of color and expression is one of many facets of her art and what has been a driving force in pressing forward on the route of her creative journey.

⁃ From murals to blogs to self portraits, Rita has slowly but surely discovered the passion behind why all things art attract her like nothing else: the opportunity to connect with others.

⁃ Just before COVID hit the US, Rita had suffered from a severe injury that left her bed ridden for over a month. Through this trial and time of waiting, the flame in her heart for art had been set ablaze. As a firm believer in replacing the lies and narratives that we believe about ourselves, Rita has become a powerhouse in showcasing the power of being individualistic and embracing who you are, to many women and people across the board.

⁃ Thank you for shining your colorful light on the value and beauty of being an individual. I had an amazing time speaking with you and hearing your story on @jump_creator_genius_podcast. I cannot wait to see where and what you are going to do next!

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♥️- Rebeca Flott

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