Ep.62 Interview with Kelly Abanda"It's time to get unstuck!"


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fun conversation with Kelly Abanda!!!

She helps stressed out and "stuck" professionals refocus, renew & grow through travel. We turn vacation into transformation!

it's a fun conversation about leaving, resting and pursuing your dreamsFeeling burned out? Have you lost your passion and longing to make a change? Do you have an abundance of dreams, but aren't sure HOW to pursue them?If you have a sense of adventure and enjoy travel, we can help you plan for and take an sabbatical season. Our Design Your Detour program addresses fears, limiting beliefs, and the issues that have held you back from living your very best life. We also share practical travel tips (how to travel for less, how to meet locals, dealing with the pros/cons of solo travel, etc.) and then get you the path to your very own adventure!

Don't let fears and limiting beliefs stop you from having a life filled with adventure and purpose. Together we'll uncover what's been holding you back and get you on a new road without limits!Kelly Abanda

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Thank you guys for still showing up!!!

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