Ep.65 How to find Creativity --Interview with Elliott Schweickert " History will be kind to me for I intend to write it" W.C.


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A little Bit about our amazing guess Elliot Schweickert!

At GNS we believe that to make something great we have to forget the pressure of perfectionism. Mistakes lead us to discovery in life and in art. Run on sentences show us our deepest thoughts. Accidental spills can breathe life into an old design. We are committed to living full, messy lives. These are the ideas our mistakes have led us to.

Have you ever felt like you will never be enough? That no matter how much you work to clean up and perfect, you will never be adequate? You’ll take off and then crash and burn. You’ll leap and then bite it. You’ll try to fly, feel like you’re doing ok, and then realize you’ve actually been falling the whole time and that you suck at life.

I’m so sorry. Me too!

I’ve struggled with some fairly big, public leaps that felt like I came out with a mouthful of dirt. Failure. What a horrible word. What a constant, scary, dreadful companion. The disappointment of a great idea that came out… iffy at best, has paralyzed me many times. I created massive worlds inside my head, and when the end result was not nearly anywhere close to what I had hoped, I disappeared. I packed up the plans, I shelved the enthusiasm and I went about normal, realistic life.

But it’s killing me. And somewhere inside of you I hope normal is killing you too.

There is genius inside all of us waiting to be recognized. I’m convinced it will never reach daylight if it has to be perfect before it’s seen. Imperfection is terrifying, but I believe that the mess of our mistakes is still worth it.

This blog will be a collection of my thoughts, dreams, and experiences. It won’t be perfect, but it will be my best. Genius isn’t always spelled correctly, but it needs to be written all the same.

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Happy Monday and Love you guys!

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