Interview with Guece Abarca "Get your MO (momentum) Going!"


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something came knocking at my door. That something was perspective. A little over 3 years ago, perspective on life was getting to the next paycheck and surrounding yourself with friends, love, and drinking life away. But perspective suckerpunched my routine and forcefully crushed my everyday life. Having stage 4 cancer takes you to the front of the line to have your conversation with death. I still remember my conversation with the doctor after the surgery and giving me the “talk”. It wasn’t a regular visit to the doctor, “take 2 pills and get plenty of rest and you’ll be feeling better in no time”. No time was now NOW time. The message was ‘make’ the most of your time.Lately, I was spending most of my time doing than making. ‘Doing’ feels robotic, non-conscious effort, thoughtless. I want to make, create, generate, think! I feel its time to ‘make’ a change. My PWAT family is #1! I felt all the support and love from my PWAT family when I went through my hardest days. My wife, friends, relatives, and PWAT family is a reminder of being blessed. Don’t know where I would be without y’all. My next step is being a creative entrepreneur. I will be able to make/plan my days. Make/create designs. Make/produce art. Make/ construct strategic marketing for my brand. Bottom line, I’m creating and that’s what I’m making of time, my time. (Guece Abarca)

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