Interview with Lindsay Blake -"She said she came to be helpful." Remember us(BOOK)


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Hello Friends Today I have a delight conversation with Lindsay Black the co-Author of Remember us ....Now at

When an estranged mother reappears after thirteen years, a dysfunctional family is forced to confront their past.When 25-year-old Ben calls his twin sister, Reese, to tell her their father has cancer, she drops everything and races back to their childhood home in Nebraska. A few days later―and thirteen years since walking out of their lives without a word―their estranged mother, Bernice, arrives on the doorstep. Remember Us chronicles the family's journey through the following months as they begrudgingly grow reacquainted with each other, confront their past, and build a possible future. At its core, Remember Us explores forgiveness, love, loss, and the unexpected beauty of the people who share the same DNA.

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