Interview with Milan Klusacek -"Living a Life with Open hands & Use your Voice"


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Interview with Social Media Marketing and Creative Director, Milan Klusacek! A true creative genius! Klusacek has worked behind the scenes on many social media marketing platforms and projects including being a content creator for the Denver Broncos - Super Bowl 50 and so many other incredible things!

“Choose to give more and to live an intentional life of generosity!”

Highlight Interview Moments/Quotes:

  • “What can I do today to be a blessing to somebody else?”

  • “Say YES to Opportunities…even if your scared.”

  • “Create something today even if sucks.”

  • “Use your voice!! A timely challenge to use your voice.”

  • “Give opportunity for unplanned moments!”

  • "Use your voice even if you have to start with a whisper!"

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