Interview with the Founder of Cheese Cake Ninja "Some people dream of one day opening their own bakery – just not Greg Franklin"


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Some people dream of one day opening their own bakery – just not Greg Franklin.

"I failed home ec," he says with a laugh. "I never liked baking or cooking at all."

While looking for a hobby about five years ago, though, he was scrolling through Facebook when a photo of a cheesecake caught his eye. Intrigued, he bought all the necessary ingredients and equipment (including the wrong pan), baked a cheesecake and promptly burned the whole thing. But he stuck with it.

Franklin continued baking, giving most of his cheesecakes away for free. When he wanted some extra cash to buy a new lawnmower, though, he started selling the cakes around town. One customer requested mini cheesecakes for a birthday party; when Franklin ended up with extra batter, he made extra and posted about them on Facebook. Within 45 minutes, he was sold out.

Crème brulee is the most popular flavor.

Courtesy of The Cheesecake Ninja

After about two years of making cheesecakes, Franklin started delivery routes to local businesses around Perryville, Jackson and Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Soon, he was selling upwards of 200 mini cheesecakes in just half a day. Many customers requested that Franklin open a brick-and-mortar store, but he says that was never his goal written by Heather Riske

The Cheesecake Ninja, 110 N. Jackson Street, Perryville, Missouri, 781.763.7751,

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