Picking Up Pennies


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This week on Just, Rob and Jes interview Josephe Feathersone, Vice President of Programs at the Durham Children’s Initiative about kids returning to school and the impact of the pandemic on learning and education. He shares stories of resilience and explains why he picks up every penny he sees.

  • 0:00 Episode starts
  • 1:28 Jes checks in with Rob
  • 2:53 Rob checks in with Jes
  • 5:58 Jes frames up the conversation
  • 7:24 Jes intros Josephe’s bio
  • 9:04 Josephe joins the conversation
  • 10:11 Jes checks in with Josephe
  • 11:09 Josephe describes his work with DCI
  • 15:10 What barriers were students and families navigating before the pandemic?
  • 19:21 What layers are you seeing in the impact on young people?
  • 23:30 Interlude
  • 23:45 Rob digs in deeper to Josephe’s point about post-Covid change in education
  • 25:48 What lessons have you learned from your students?
  • 27:43 Josephe reflects on George Floyd
  • 32:09 Do we repair within the system or rebuild from the ground up?
  • 36:05 What gives you hope?
  • 36:18 The penny story
  • 39:33 How can listeners show up?
  • 42:23 Josephe leaves the conversation
  • 42:28 Debrief begins
  • 44:40 Jes’s takeaways
  • 46:21 Rob and Jes talk about George Floyd
  • 51:00 Rob talks about entering each other’s stories
  • 52:46 Outro

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