Which America Do You Live In?


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The script gets flipped on this episode of JUST, as Rob and Jes take to the guest seats and our editor, Chris Pappalardo, interviews them. They discuss the nuances of “How America Fractured Into Four Parts” by George Packer, which we highly recommend reading alongside this episode!

  • 0:00 Episode starts
  • 2:08 Jes’s check in
  • 5:28 Rob’s check in
  • 7:24 Chris joins the call
  • 9:11 Rob introduces Chris
  • 11:20 Chris frames the episode
  • 12:15 How do Rob and Jes frame the “four Americas”?
  • 12:25 Rob’s answer
  • 13:55 Jes’s answer
  • 17:33 Who are the people in these archetypes?
  • 19:26 Jes talks about the “real America” archetype
  • 21:00 Interlude
  • 22:02 Where do Rob and Jes place themselves in the Four Americas?
  • 22:09 Rob’s answer
  • 23:11 Jes’s answer
  • 25:52 What are the issues with the “Just America” archetype?
  • 26:39 Rob’s answer
  • 28:44 Jes’s answer
  • 31:09 How do you reach across the line?
  • 31:16 Rob’s answer
  • 33:22 Jes’s answer
  • 36:31 How are Rob and Jes going to show up moving forward?
  • 36:39 Rob’s answer
  • 38:30 Jes’s answer
  • 41:39 Wrap up
  • 42:48 Outro

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