#259: Jack Hughes, Co-Founder and COO of Syncify, a Social Podcasting App Reimagining the Digital Landscape of Connection


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Jack Hughes is the Co-Founder and COO of Syncify, a social podcasting app that is reimagining the digital landscape of connection. Syncify is reversing the current nature of social media. Instead of creating media about ourselves, they encourage connection around media by enabling users to listen together live with friends or easily catch up on the same content and then discuss it. Syncify is a great way to reduce isolation and loneliness and to learn more from what you listen to. Jack and his co-founder Sam Harris formed part of Techstar's London 2020 cohort.

Some of the Topics Covered by Jack Hughes in this Episode

  • What the Syncify experience is and the social media problem they're trying to fix
  • How and why Syncify acquired the competition early on
  • Jack's relationship with his co-founder Sam Harris and how they decided to start Syncify
  • Bootstrapping Syncify
  • Their experience applying for and participating in the Techstars accelerator
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic played into the building of Syncify
  • How Jack has approached customer validation, feedback and product-market fit for Syncify
  • Jack and Sam's unique approach to hiring and building the Syncify team
  • The business model and big vision for Syncify
  • Jack's book recommendations

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