#270: Josh Snow, Founder and CEO of Snow, a D2C Leader in Oral Care and Oral Cosmetics with Over 1M Fans and Customers in 175+ Countries Worldwide


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Josh Snow is the Founder and CEO of Snow, a direct to consumer (DTC) leader in oral care and oral cosmetics. Snow produces premium oral care products including patent pending teeth whitening systems, premium floss, anti-aging lip care products, and more. The perfect storm of beauty, technology, and oral care.

Snow® is proud to have over 1 million fans, and customers in 175+ countries around the world. Their videos have gone viral with over one billion views cumulatively. Snow has been featured on The Doctors, Wendy Williams, The Kelly Clarkson Show, VOGUE, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, InStyle, WebMD, Harvard Medical, and more, and is a top selling brand on Target.com, in Best Buy, Neiman Marcus, Bed Bath and Beyond and is now the most popular oral cosmetics brand on Instagram. In May of 2020, a Snow product was sold every 29 seconds.

Some of the Topics Covered by Josh Snow in this Episode

  • What Snow is
  • How Josh became an entrepreneur at the age of 13
  • Josh's background in web developing, marketing and advertising
  • How Josh developed the idea for Snow
  • Disrupting the oral care industry
  • Snow's MVP
  • Developing a product in an area outside of your expertise
  • Snow's go to market strategy
  • Bootstrapping Snow and deciding to be a customer-funded business
  • What has fueled growth for Snow
  • Diversifying channels beyond Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • Building a modern household name
  • Being transparent and harnessing the power of your customers and followers
  • Why Josh decided to become Josh Snow and the impact it had
  • Josh's advice for building a brand

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