#299: Naomi Shah, Founder and CEO at Meet Cute, a New Entertainment Brand Changing Listening Behavior with Scripted Audio Content


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Naomi Shah is the Founder and CEO of Meet Cute, a venture-backed media company that has produced over 300 original light-hearted romantic comedies in podcast form. The company celebrates human connection and the full spectrum of love with a core mission -- having every person feel like they are reflected in Meet Cute stories. Since inception (Feb 2020), the podcast already has over 2 million listens across over 150 countries and has been featured in the top 10 of Fiction on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Before starting Meet Cute, Naomi was a member of the investment team at Union Square Ventures, a technology venture capital firm in New York, where she spent most of her time talking to companies in the consumer and well-being space. Prior to that, she was a macro equities trader at Goldman Sachs and studied Mechanical Engineering (with a minor in Human Biology) at Stanford University.

Some of the Topics Covered by Naomi Shah in this Episode

  • What Meet Cute is
  • Deciding to start a VC backed startup after working at Union Square Ventures
  • The early Meet Cute team
  • Why their concept is unique and pushing past early noes
  • Getting traction to validate their format
  • Changing listening behavior with scripted content in audio
  • Meet Cute's business model
  • The creation process at Meet Cute
  • Distribution and discoverability
  • Strategy around changing formats
  • Naomi's experience fundraising for Meet Cute and what was helpful during the process
  • The importance of developing a relationship with your investors
  • How Naomi built out the team for Meet Cute and COVID's impact
  • Their unique approach to sourcing talent and maintaining a large pool of creative contributors
  • Navigating building a startup as a first-time, solo founder during a global pandemic

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