154. Smells Like Randy Kraft Is Evil Incarnate - The Scorecard Killer Part One


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For more than a dozen years, from the early 1970s through the early 1980s, Randy Kraft, a callous and truly sinister serial killer, terrorized young men and boys throughout Soutern California. His crimes, which included several in other states as well, were some of the most horrific and brutal ever seen by law enforcement. Kraft was convicted of 16 murders – which involved everything from torture, sodomy, emasculation and other unspeakable acts – and is suspected of killing as many as 67 in total. A book found in the trunk of his car on the night he was arrested included “code” names of 61 suspected victims – all having something to do with where and how he found or killed them. Police have, since the time Kraft was arrested, tied 45 of those names (including the 16 he was convicted of killing) to victims whose mutilated bodies were found thrown on freeway offramps, parking lots and even in the middle of the road over his long run of evil. That sinister book of code names has led to Kraft being dubbed “The Scorecard Killer.” In the first of a somber two part series about Kraft, Melissa discusses each and every one of the victims he was convicted of killing, describes all of the “code” names on Kraft’s deplorable “scorecard” and finally focuses in on the 16 names in that book who remain unnamed and unclaimed – and will always remain that way unless someone out there recognizes a clue and offers help – because to this day, Kraft (who has remained on California’s Death Row since his conviction in 1989) denies having killed anyone and refuses to talk. Listen – and say a prayer for the victims and their loved ones – but above all, listen for clues in any of Kraft’s bizarre code names that might provide help to law enforcement. If you have any information at all that you think might help, you can contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau at (323) 267-4800. NOTE: There are a variety of Southern California freeway names (as opposed to route numbers) mentioned in this episode. If you are interested in mapping them, you can find information on all of the mentioned freeways at Wikipedia’s page on SoCal freeways here.

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