KDMEO Episode 156 - 100 Days My Prince (100일의 낭군님) 9-16


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FINALLY, SOME CLOSURE! Judy, Linda and Teresa binged on episodes 9-16 of “100 Days My Prince” (100일의 낭군님), a TVN drama starring Do KyungSoo (D.O. from EXO) and Nam JiHyun.

Back in 2018, Judy and Teresa covered the first 8 episodes of "100 Days My Prince" before DramaFever imploded. The drama finally came to Viki this year and Judy basically forced Linda and Teresa to watch it, because we hate leaving things unfinished. If you want to listen to us talk about the first half of this drama, that's in KDMEO episodes 103-107.

We're taking a break for the rest of the summer, but let us know what you would like to watch for the Netflix Party!


1:25 - New Patreon donor and Listener E-mails!

17:36 - Judy binged all of "Indian Matchmaking"

19:14 - Teresa continues her anime binge with "Steins;Gate" (シュタインズ・ゲート)

21:17 - Studio Ghibli is on Netflix!!!

22:53 - Linda is enjoying "Anne with an E"

Some Korean terms:

못할것도 없지: [mot-hal-geot-do-eop-ji] "There's nothing to stop me".

Audio credits:

Siyeon (Dreamcatcher) - "Into The Ring" - "Good Sera"

Kanako Ito - "Steins;Gate" - "Fatima"

Azumi Inoue - "My Neighbour Totoro" - "Tonari no Totoro"

Tragically Hip - "Anne with an E" - "Ahead By A Century"

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